photographer for all of life's biggest moments.

here for the in between and none of the "cheese".

I'm heather

ope, hey

I have had a camera in hand for about as long as I can remember. Taking in my surroundings and the people in them has always been something that's been important to me.

As your photographer, I will capture absolutely everything; the in between, the sideways glances, the toddler finger-hand holding, the giggles and all the special moments shared between you and your family members during your session.

I put my heart and soul into every single one of my sessions. Your moments matter to me.

I am always down for creative ideas-- let's rent a boat, have a picnic in a parking garage, go roller skating or surfing. You name it, let's do it.

As a mother myself, I know the stressors that come with having family photos taken. That's why I send every client a session guide outlining everything from styling to color palettes to what to expect at their session.

I offer custom professional prints so that your photos can be artfully displayed in your home or gifted to loved ones.

you can't spell photographer without "her"



going for it. whatever it is that you want in life, go and get it! it's out there and it's waiting for you. 

favorite place

outside. i could live happily in a hammock on a covered patio surrounded by plants and sunshine.

Fun Facts

i'm an enneagram seven, here for a good time. people at my dinner table is my love language. 


i love to sing and i am *pretty* good at it but i have extreme stage fright and rarely sing in front of others.


i am kind of a serial hobbiest. i love to be busy. baking. home schooling. gardening. cycling. yoga. reading. learning. 


homesteading has been a recent obsession of mine and i am absorbing all of the self sustaining tips

my core values

 I am going to capture all of your moments at your session. This will look like very little posing directions and instead a lot like you guys just doin' your thing. I like to put you in the good light and just let you be yourselves. That's where the magic is. 



it's the sideways glances, the subtle touches, the toddler-finger-hand-holding and all the baby toes. i will be snapping pictures of all the intimate moments that make up your memories, which means you will rarely be looking into my camera and instead be looking into the eyes of those you hold closest.



 what is life without a little playfulness? at your session we will laugh, dance, run, skip, shoulder carry, jump, tickle, give piggy back rides and play kiss tag. the moments are in the movements and we will be movin'.