mentorship programs for anyone looking to kick things up a notch.

let's do the

dang thing.

Investing in your business is the best way to grow in your business. Notice I didn't say "grow your business" but I said "grow IN your business". When your business grows, you should too. I'm here to help you realize all of your potential and turn your passion into something profitable.

Community and building connections is so important to me. To have someone in your corner, someone to cheer you on and guide you in the right direction, it doesn't really get any better than that. Being your own boss is hard stuff, I learned really quickly that while YouTube and photography apps are amazing resources, the rate at which you can learn from someone you have a personal connection with is invaluable. 
Every time a client books you, they are investing in you and your services. If they invest in you, why shouldn't you invest in you? Everyone, even myself, always has room to grow. Discover what that growth could look like not just for you but for your clients as well.

when your business grows, you should too.

1:1 mentorship options

zoom mentorship

a mentorship made just for you. focused on all of the things that you personally need help with to boost and build your business. we will choose six areas that you want to grow in and break them up into three one hour zoom calls across the span of six weeks. 

+ six topics (chosen by you)
+ pre-call guides and questionnaires
+ three one hour zoom calls 
+ action plans focused on your goals
+ access to facebook community group

shoot along mentorship

a hands-on mentorship that will teach you ways you can level up your client experience, show you how to approach styling with your clients and will end with us getting to shoot right along side each other. 

+ pre-meeting guide and questionnaire
+ two hour in person pre-shoot meeting
+ same day "un-styled" shoot (specific to your niche!)
+ access to facebook community group


$100 deposit | two payments of $275


$100 deposit | two payments of $275

get the best of both worlds

if you're ready to take a big step and go all in on growing your skills and your business, why not do both?! get everything included the zoom mentorship and follow it up with getting some hands on and in person experience with everything included in the shoot along mentorship! 


$100 deposit | four payments of $250

i've teamed up with @meagangrahamphoto to offer all inclusive, educational, hands on photography retreat weekends that will leave you with memory cards full of relatable content, new best friends and lifelong memories. 

come retreat
with us. 


so fun retreats 2023

tybee island, ga

An entire weekend spent together covering all things:

+ back end business
+ client experience
+ knowing your gear
+ learning your settings
+ editing and workflow
+ social media strategy
+ purposeful community
and so. much. more.

plus two “unstyled” shoots that will immediately build your portfolio and speak to your real clients.


A step above our OG so fun retreat, this retreat is geared more toward: 

+ creative shooting
+ editorial styling
+ storytelling with images 
+ social media marketing 
+ website development 
+ in depth editing courses
+ intimate learning environment

plus three hours of instructional side by side shooting where you'll get insight into how meagan and I both approach our sessions.



march 3rd - 5th

june 2nd - 4th

$300 to secure your spot

$300 to secure your spot 

"For me it was THE BEST experience of my life. I have never had an experience like this and I can't describe how FUN it was. Megan and Heather are great photographers and people who fill any place with fun and confidence. They took the time to explain each topic and answer each of our questions. Throughout the retreat I never felt uncomfortable or that my point of view did not matter. With the girls, we really bonded and found support in each other." 

BUT don't just take our word for it.

"This retreat is literally for photographers at any level. You will find someone further along in their journey and you may find yourself next to someone who’s just getting started but the commonality between everyone is they’re there to learn and grow. No questions are too silly to ask and you’ll find sometimes there is more than one right answer. Being in a room filled with people willing and ready to share and grow is an energy you’ll just have to feel see for yourself!!"

see what some of our girls are saying

"The money I invested in this weekend was absolutely worth it. So much knowledge!! I felt like Meagan and Heather cared so much and took so much time and put so much love into everything they shared and taught us. There were so many good opportunities to learn and grow in so many different ways."

come learn and grow with us!