If you're here it's because you want to learn and you want to grow and I can't even begin to tell you how exciting that is. Before we dive in, it's important to me that you understand my heart behind mentoring. I have always loved the world of teaching, so much so that I got a degree in it and was a classroom teacher for three years before leaving that world to pursue photography full time. Since leaving education I have missed it so much and have been waiting for the moment when I can integrate it into this new world of owning my own photography business. This is that time, now is that moment; and I'm so happy you are here to go on this journey with me!  

i'm so glad 


okay, but WHY?

because your business deserves it. 

Investing in your business is the best way to grow in your business. Notice I didn't say "grow your business" but I said "grow IN your business". When your business grows, you should too. And I'm here to help you realize all of your potential and turn your passion into something profitable.

Community and building connections is so important to me. To have someone in your corner, someone to cheer you on and guide you in the right direction, it doesn't really get any better than that. Being your own boss is hard stuff, I learned really quickly that while YouTube and photography apps are amazing resources, the rate at which you can learn from someone you have a personal connection with is invaluable. 
Every time a client books you, they are investing in you and your services. If they invest in you, why shouldn't you invest in you? Everyone, even myself, always has room to grow. Discover what that growth could look like not just for you but for your clients as well.

designed to serve you & YOUR BUSINESS

This mentorship option is perfect for photographers who are looking to take a semi-self-paced approach to a mentorship program. This program is centered around giving you the foundations to run a successful photography business. Life is busy and this is meant for those photographers who need flexibility with their learning. 

In this course we will spend four, thirty minute, zoom calls talking all things photography and your business across the span of two months. After each call you'll get ample time to put knowledge into practice and see how it changes your business. We will talk all things you and your business; get ready to dream, get ready to learn, get ready to grow.  

the virtual


The first call of your virtual mentorship will be spent diving into your business and your "why". We will talk about so many things that will impact how you operate your business and attract your clients. We will look at the basics of your business like pricing, website and social media and make sure you're on track to achieve your goals. 

The second call will tackle some of the logistical parts of running your own photography business. We'll talk about work flow, programs, client management systems and make sure you're set up with an organizational system that will let you succeed and make the most of your time.

On this call we will talk all things photos: lighting, shooting, gear, editing, posing, styling...we're going to dive into all of it. Finding your editing style and knowing how to manipulate your shooting and lighting takes time and practice. This call is the beginning of your journey to find your style and create your individual aesthetic. 

This call is the wrap up. This is where we go back to look at our notes from call one and see how far we've cone. What you've put into action, new things you've tried and things you're still hoping to try as you go forward. We will answer any last questions and make some action plans for long term goals. You'll be added to my mentor facebook group where the community continues. 

 All calls are scheduled at the time of investment


investment $650




This mentorship is all about you and what you need it to be. We can meet in person or on zoom for one, two or three hours (separately or all at once!) and talk through what you're most wanting to learn. 

The purpose of this mentorship option is to give you the freedom to run the show. Let's talk about exactly what you need to talk about and move forward from there with action. This isn't a set "curriculum" mentorship because that is totally up to you dude! Choose from any of the topics below to chat through during your one, two or three hour mentorship. 

the casual

lets grab coffee and chat about things


+ gear 
+ manual mode / settings 
+ lighting 
+ capturing movement 
+ capturing emotion


+ gaining clients 
+ client communications 
+ using a CRM  
+ styling sessions
+ giving your clients value throughout their session


+ posing and prompting 
+ using light appropriately  
+ making sure you get the shots  


+ culling and back ups 
+ organizing your hard drive
+ use of editing programs 
+ manipulating your presets
+ knowing your tweaks 
+ delivering galleries


+ social media assessment 
+ website development 
+ using social media to your benefit 
+ building an online community


+ cost of doing business 
+ pricing yourself  
+ financial basics 
+ being profitable

let's do it

first hour $350 | Second hour $275 | Third hour $200


 All calls are scheduled at the time of investment

This mentorship option is meant to be hands on and involved. Across a span of six weeks you'll get to spend one on one time with me and tag along to a session for all the learning.

This course consists of three, one hour, in person meetings and a session tag along where you'll get to shoot a fully styled session right alongside me. This is where the magic happens and where you get to choose how to implement strategies and skills into your practice for the growth of your business.

Everything changes from here. 

the ultimate

don't just get your toes wet, dive in.

This is where we establish your goals--all of your hopes and dreams. We will talk about failures you've already experienced and achievements you hope to make going forward. We will focus on your current work flow and client experience. 

After the first meeting we will plan a weekday sunset session. You will come along with me through my entire client experience, including styling and communication. We will go shoot together and you'll get to watch posing and prompting. We'll talk about shooting settings and lighting! 

Directly after shooting we will go grab coffee or drinks and talk about the session. We will cull together, work through editing together and set you up for a workflow and editing system that serves you and your clients. 

We will meet one last time for an hour to review things you've learned and plans we've put into place for your business to thrive. We will talk briefly about marketing strategy and gaining clients. We will review your client experience and check that your workflow sets you up for success. You'll be added to my mentorship facebook group where the community will continue. 

investment $1300

let's get coffee

let's shoot

let's edit

let's grow

 All calls are scheduled at the time of investment

let's do your business

"Bringing on a mentor is a MUST and working with Heather will bring you exactly what you need to grow."

Working with Heather has been incredibly helpful for my business. As a photographer, it can be difficult to stand out in a saturated industry and attract clients that align with your brand. It can also feel overwhelming being tasked with marketing, bookkeeping, content creation, and everything else it takes to be successful business owner. 

Heather helps you sort through the endless to do list and focus on the big picture. She is outcome oriented and is fantastic at helping you visualize your goals, and then devise a plan to make it happen. 

If you are looking to take the next step in your business but you aren’t sure how to level up, bringing on a mentor is a MUST and working with heather will bring you exactly what you need to grow.

Meagan Graham | @meagangrahamphoto

Meagan Graham @meagangrahamphoto


Not quite ready for this level of investment? I totally get it-- it took me almost two years to pull the trigger on working with my own mentor. Just because you aren't ready (yet) doesn't mean you can't stay updated on all things mentorship related! 

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